Town of Troy Tennessee

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City Hall - Hours of Operation   M-F  8:00 - 4:30                                                           1-(731)-536-4745         


Troy was founded in 1825 as the original county seat of Obion County. Frontiersman Davy Crockett was in attendance when the town was platted. Troy is the geographic center of Obion County and home to three schools: 1) Troy HeadStart, 2) Hillcrest Elementary School, 3) Obion County Central High School.

Bryant was Board of Aldermen elected to Mayor in December 2021 when Deanna Chappell
resigned due to her health.  He had served as vice mayor for one year.

Bryant Cruce


Board of Aldermen
Vice Mayor Daniel Pardue (Gas Dept) - Ross Clark (Sewer Dept) - Lana Carson (Water Dept)
Kristi Scarbourgh (Solid Waste Dept) - Matt Russell (Streets Dept)

Johnny's role as City Recorder recently changed with an updated city charter and he became our city manager.

Johnny McTurner

Certified City Manager

Online Utility Payments

Use your credit or debit card to securely pay your utilty bill and/or taxes.  An added fee is required!

Ticket Payments using Credit/Debit Card

Troy Police Department's traffic ticket can be paid using your credit or debit card by calling Troy City Hall 1-(731)-536-4745.
An added fee is required!

Community Center - Senior Center Rental!

Please call the Troy City Hall to reserve your special event in our community center at Trojan Park or our Senior Citzens Building on the Town Square.  1-(731)-536-4745


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Business Directory & Contacts

City Hall
116 West Harper Street    
Post Office Box 246               
Troy, Tennessee  38260  
Fax:  1-(731)-536-0174           

Police Department
108 West Harper Street
Troy, Tennessee  38260

Fire Department
118 West Harper Street
Troy, Tennessee  38260

Troy Public Works Department
Gas, Water, Sewer, Streets, Parks
218 East Westbrook Street
Troy, Tennessee  38260

Troy Emergency Management
& Website Management