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Emergency Management & NIMS Compliance
Point of Contact:  Phillip Green
The Mission of the Town Of Troy Emergency Management is "Saving Lives" and informing the citizens of Troy about emergency preparedness, and how to minimize the effects of technological and natural disasters upon the people of the Town of Troy by preparing implementing and exercising preparedness plans, and coordinating actual disaster response/recovery operations.  
As the Point of Contact, I will represent the Town of Troy by attending conferences,  
meetings, and training inorder to better manage our response in an emergency event.  
The Town of Troy is National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant with  
all emergency responders and department personnel gaining the correct level of training.  
The Town of Troy Emergency Management ensures that all it's departments use and update  
their Standard Operation Procedures and Emergency Operations Procedures.  
The Town of Troy also has a certified Debris Management Plan.

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